Tisha’s Editing Services


I’d love to help you polish your manuscript or short story to perfection!

I’ve been editing and writing since 2006 and have coached and mentored many new writers on the path to manuscript success.

I offer content editing services for full-length and novella manuscripts, YA novels, and short stories.

Don’t let your manuscript sit on the hard drive — contact me today so we can make your manuscript shine!

I’ve critiqued and edited across the Christian fiction genres in historical and YA. Below are comments from the feedback I’ve received:

  • “Not only did you give constructive criticism but you were also positive throughout the feedback given.”
  • “I love the response you gave [about the author’s voice being distinct]. You said, ‘While a very good theme, the author could work on his/her own voice; and like all good writers, voice comes with time. Please keep working on this book. Do not give up.’ When I doubt my ability as a writer, it’s words of encouragement like this that really help me so thank you for that. It means a lot.”
  • “Thank you for taking the time to review my work. I’m glad you liked the characters of Megan and Katie. I will be working on making Melanie a stronger character per your suggestion. I appreciate your encouragement to keep working on this piece.”
  • “Thank you for the positive feedback and suggestions for improvement.”