Novel Editing: Part 1

With my sleeves rolled up and fingers at the keyboard, I'm taking a short break from editing to comment. Started digging into chapter 5 (out of 40) in my novel, To Rise. Chapters are short, but each needs to contain one thing, and one thing only: character goal. This-this character goal seems challening. But I … Continue reading Novel Editing: Part 1

Double-Book Giveaway!

I'm thrilled to announce my very first book giveaway! And to celebrate this exciting adventure, I wanted to host a double giveaway! That means two of you will win!  Giveaway #1 | A few months ago, I discovered author Kate Breslin, and I'd like to give away her WW1 novel, Not By Sight. In honor … Continue reading Double-Book Giveaway!

Novel Editing: Intro

Writing is only as good as the editing. After two weeks of feverishly paring my 149k-word novel down to 109k words so that I could send it off to my editor, I realize that the editing has only started. My novel's bleeding deep and I was too, but I've rolled up my sleeves and am … Continue reading Novel Editing: Intro

What to do when you’re stumped for research

If you're like me, you get lost in a myriad of research, non-fiction books about your topic, and a huge list of research questions. Or maybe I don't just "get lost," I choose to get lost because I enjoy it so much! Can anyone say, "Squirrel!"? Whether you write historical, fiction, or non-fiction, research can … Continue reading What to do when you’re stumped for research

Book Giveaway: Soon

Credit: What: As promised, I'm conducting a giveaway! Where: Right here! When: Next week! Stay tuned for more information!  

Freelancer: Get Noticed!

Along your writing path, how do you and your business rate among this vast web of contacts, businesses, and slew of ideas? Are  you constantly thinking about how to grow your name and/or business, or perhaps your author presence?   This great article by Carole Tice from Freelance Writers Den holds much information for the … Continue reading Freelancer: Get Noticed!

With Every Letter: Sundin Book Review

With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin My rating: 5 of 5 stars I enjoyed this novel because of the research and plot. But more importantly, the message within the plot left me satisfied and with a truth about self-acceptance that I will always carry with me. Well worth the read -- for enjoyment, spiritual encouragement, … Continue reading With Every Letter: Sundin Book Review